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Health Care Mart aims to help you lead a happy and healthy life by through our extensive range of services. Apart from supplying you with all the essential medication needed by you on a regular basis, we also have various health evaluation and monitoring services to assist you have good health.

Creating and managing health records 

Health Care Mart helps create and maintain your health records. As an individual you may not have time to store and manage your personal medical information. We do this for you by maintaining the following records:

  • Your medical history
  • Details about your prescriptions, including doses and refills
  • Diagnostic test results of all kinds
  • Drug alerts
  • Your immunization records
  • Your physician’s treatment plans and recommendations for you

Providing follow up when required

We help our customers by providing follow up services whenever needed by them. This ensures that they do not miss out on any medication or checkups despite their busy schedules.

Reviewing patient complete profile to check for interactions and contraindications

We at Health Care Mart review complete patient profiles and personal health information to check for drug interactions, allergies and other such problems before dispensing a drug and take necessary action to ensure that there are no side effects.

Regular or emergency prescription refills

It is extremely important that you get your refills before you run out of your medications. There are times when you may forget to refill or find yourself in an emergency situation without your essential drugs. Health Care Mart helps you to face such situations by filling out your prescription online so that we can send your medication to you. Call us in case of such crisis or otherwise and we’ll help you out.


Health Care Mart Meds-Check service is offered specifically for people who are taking three or more medications at a time. It is so important that the medications you are taking work well together and you are receiving the best benefit from your drug therapy.

Health Care Mart Meds-Check provides you with a chance to sit down, one-on-one, with your Family Pharmacist and receive a consultation regarding how to receive the best possible benefit from your medications.

A Meds-Check consultation helps you understand the medications you are taking and what they are supposed to be doing – ensuring you with better medication therapy.

Are you taking three or more long-term prescriptions, then you may be eligible for a free Meds-Check service.

The Government of Ontario recognizes the value of this service and as such pays for any Meds-Check review for all Ontario citizens on three or more chronic medications

Blister Packaging service

Our Pharmacy offers you blister packing services for multiple medications. Health care mart Pharmacists help you manage your complicated medication schedule by utilizing our professional blister packing service.

Your Family Pharmacist neatly groups and packages your daily medication doses into the different pockets of the Blister Pack. Blister Packs can have several pockets per day so that you can keep track of your medications.  Medications need to be taken at specific times during the day in order to receive the best benefit.

Smoking Cessation Consultation

Ask your Health Care Mart Pharmacist about strategies to help you quit smoking – once and for all. Your success is our success! Your risk for a heart attack and stroke decrease considerably within the first few weeks after you stop smoking.

Health Training & Advice

At Health Care Mart we offer health training and advices for the following:

  • Train customers about how to use Glucometers to test blood sugar levels on a regular basis at home
  • Advice about how to take care of minor ailments
  • In-house seminars on various health conditions and how to address them
  • Educate customers about various drugs, their usage, results and side effects
  • Answer queries about health and wellness related issues

The Ontario Sharps Collection Program (OSCP)

The Ontario Sharps Collection Program (OSCP) is a new stewardship program that promotes the safe and easy disposal of sharps from the public so that they aren’t disposed of in the garbage.  The definition for sharps includes; infusion sets, safety pens and syringes with attached needles, lancets, needle tips, needles, pens, pen needles, pre-filled cartridges and pre-filled syringes.

The pharmacy will provide you with a container to dispose sharps safely and then return them back to be disposed safely.

Diabetic supplies

Blood Sugar Monitors: If you or a loved one are diabetic, then having a reliable blood sugar monitor is a must. Having accurate blood sugar readings is the key to good overall health for a patient with diabetes. We want to make sure that each one of our diabetic patients owns a dependable state-of-the-art machine to help them manage their diabetes effectively. Ask your Health Care Mart Pharmacist about the latest technology in blood sugar monitors and he/she will be sure to provide you with one at no charge

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Many doctors recommend vitamin and mineral supplements as a complement to a well-balanced diet for optimum health and wellness. We carry a wide range of vitamin and mineral supplements to meet your needs.

The Ontario Medications Return Program (OMRP)

OMRP covers all prescription drugs, medications such as over-the-counter medications, including topical antibiotic and antifungal creams and natural health products that are orally ingested, such as vitamins and minerals, traditional Chinese medicines, herbal products, probiotics, amino acids, homeopathic medicines and the like are also included.

All prescription drugs, Over-the-counter Medications, and Natural Health Products in oral dosage form which are expired and are not in use can be returned to our pharmacy to be disposed safely.

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